Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012


BAU had lots of fun in Herrenberg, Stuttgart and Cologne. Everybody check out:
Turn Away, Collide & Discord, My Defense, A Time To Stand & Kosslowski!

The BAU family is now seven members strong! Holger is back on bass, Sven is helping out on guitar and John is still with us!

On Friday BAU is flying to serbia to visit our friends, brothers and sisters and play some gigs.

Back home, we're gonna play in Bochum on friday, 1. June with a hell of a band called Confusion.

And last but not least we have a 2-day-mini-hardcore-tour in Czech Republic. Here are the dates:

20.07.2012: Vyškov, South Moravia (19:00h)
20.07.2012: Bruntál, Kubafest (23:00h)
21.07.2012: Branisovice, Nezavislý Festival XVI, Open Air (16:00h)
21.07.2012: Krnov, North-Eastern Open Air, (23:00h)

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