Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Show Report

The Show @ Franzis was totally crazy. 130 people showed up and we had lots of action in the pit. Three weeks after the show my body is still aching from this evening. 
The evening started of with My Defense in front of 120 people at 21:30h. This band definitely rocks They convinced with 4 voices, fast and melodic hardcore punk and I even saw one guy dancing.

Back At Sea played a totally nice set, including a BAU cover of Hands Away. This band is the first who wasted their time with covering an entire BAU-song. Kids banged their hads an moshed to the sound of these dudes.

Get It Done made a awesome job straight after the local Back At Sea.The opener  Power Of An Elite made it's way straight in the ears of the audience. A highlight was the Rise Above-Cover with lots of singalongs.

Vitamin X was my favourite among five very very good bands. You can be sure, that every bug you spent made sense. Vitamin X convinced through sympathy and the typica energetic liveshow, including tons of great songs.

BAU finished the evening. This was the show with the most response we ever had. People gave their last breath in the pit. At 2 o'clock in the morning, all was over.

Furthermore, it was an soli-show for our friends from REBUILD Collective in Novi Sad Serbia. I'm pretty happy to say, that My Defense donated a guitar amp and that the Rotten Bastards have some cool PAISTE cymbals for REBUILD. We're also happy to collect a little amount of money for victims of facist violence.

We thank everybody for being there, supporting us, the bands and the ideas behing. We're looking forward to the next shows. The last three weeks we're great. I saw fantastic underground bands in our area and I now have lots of hopes, that we'll face some interesting and positive days! Stay underground!

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