Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

BAU-Blog online!

On this Blog you'll find news, information, music and comments from and about the german hardcore band Business As Usual. We'll see what the future may bring. Maybe we'll have some interesting themes to wrte about, reports from shows, people and the hardcore/punk-scene, maybe we'll have just another dead internet-appearence from BAU. Enjoy this Blog - Spread the word!

First: We'll have an article in the Ox-Magazine, concerning the EQUIPMENT SUPPORT INITIATIVE for our friends, brothers and sisters in Novi Sad.

Second: We'll play some gigs in Czech Republic this summer.

Third: More and more I'm convinced, that just a few are interested in us. So I decided to call this genre UNDERGROUND HARDCORE. I guess it's the right term for a band that just plays in front of 30 people ten times a year. So, we fought pretty hard to claim this definition and it's a result of playing ten years in the darkest cellars of the republic, far far away from the big stages with big pits and singalongs.

Fourth: Read the lyrics of the bands you hear. Prove, if you can agree with this. Don't be a dump sheep singing fantasy english on the shows. Use your brain, stay focussed, stay critic!


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  1. The few are interested in you are proud of yo! Anyway .. you would have deserved more. We'll do our best.
    Just for the fun and the hardcore!

  2. Thx dude! Of course there are some cool songs about the few:)

    Shutdown: few and far between
    So many claim sincerity
    then leave so quick without a trace
    love to look a certain way and love
    to play that role they play
    love to judge and love to say
    that they're all from back in the day
    by now we've shown we're here to stay
    not just friends we're family
    we're few and far between
    we'll always say what we mean
    we're few and far between
    look in your eyes
    see the disguise
    you cover up but still can't hide
    i see your fate, we know your kind
    you cover up, bury your pride
    one more road to cross
    and a thousand steps to take
    passed everything put in our way
    don't look for us to break
    cause we've met every challenge
    and withstood the test of time
    and stuck it out together
    when the others paid no mind
    few and far between.

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  4. Hey, I like this Blog a lot! Looking forward to hear more interesting stuff about underground hardcore ;)

  5. We are going to provide you with interesting information about underground HC and the ESI project very soon. Stay tuned