Desert Inn Studio 
Recordings & Stuff

Drowning In Preconception
still not wise

Eye Shot Emily
Quality Hardcore-Punk from Hanau

Mike Dansen
Screamo. Move to this.

Stand Der Dinge
Hardcore from Giessen. German Lyrik

Demons Run Amok
What we once had

All Except One
Our brothers from Serbia

Through These Eyes
everyone needs to be loved and to love

Furtive Forest
does not sound like modern life is war

Gloves Off
It's not about dress codes and hairstyles, it's about similar minds.

Love Channel
former HC-Punk Thunderstorm from Giessen

Tragic Vision
Punkrock Obergeil from Hanau

Rotten Bastards
The reason why we're hardcore-punks.


Back At Sea
Posthardcore. Get this.

The Lines We Cross
The band, we're in love with. 

REBUILD Collective
The crew, we're in love with. 

Mind Plague 
Good old friends from the westwood highlands 

The Photodude. Always focussed.

The Coverdude.Art & Photography

Got A Nerve E-Zine 
Good news, good zine 

Turn Away 
Spiritual kindship 

wild in the streets

57 Borderland Heavyweight Champions

Seconds Of Peace
Nothing to prove, nothing to loose